Monday, January 3, 2005

Ask a stupid question...

In light of the tsunami disaster, The Independent is asking some opinion makers if "2005 might see a new determination to tackle global poverty" Apparently there's plenty of determination. They just can't quite determine what they are determined to do. Most of these opinions are really stating nothing and only reflect on the geniuses behind them. But some are just too good to ignore.
LORD HURD OF WESTWELL, Former foreign secretary The danger is that resources which might have gone to Africa will go to this instead. While huge publicity continues to be given to the tsunami, human beings are killing each other in Iraq, and places like Darfur.
Right. So in order for the world to continue doing absolutely nothing about Darfur, we ought to deny the help to the victims of the quake. Former foreign secretary?
BILL BAILEY, Comedian It was the same after 11 September. Everyone said it was a great opportunity to try to understand the world but it was used by the US as a reason to go on a rampaging adventure in Afghanistan and Iraq.
Oh, great. Is he saying that after the world helped the poor US after the Sept 11 attacks the US went on a killing rampage, and so we ought to be careful who we help?
SIR MAX HASTINGS, Journalist and historian We have to bear in mind that we have been here before. There have been tragedies before, and many fine things have been said, a lot of them by the US. We just have to hope that in this case they will follow through.
There is US again. I must've misunderstood the question.
TONY BENN, Former cabinet minister It may make people realise that the UN needs to be well-equipped and funded. If people diverted money from weapons and war, we have the technology and money to be able to help - if we decide to do that.
The UN diverted plenty of oil money from food - I don't see that money helping anyone fight poverty.
DINOS CHAPMAN, Artist Western capitalism demands that people must be impoverished. I cannot think that anything will change this year, because we are the ones who have made the world the way it is. I don't believe in altruism.
We caused the earthquake, we made the ocean floor deeper so that it did not dampen the wave, we filled it with water. We keep these areas overpopulated and the people poor. It must all be the fault of the US, the Great Satan, the infidels. It's just strange to hear such ridiculous crap from the Brits who are supposed to be somewhat educated. I am surprised it even gets published - I am almost ashamed to reproduce it here!

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